Krishna Cult Awareness Foundation is a project whose goal is to provide information about Krishna cults to non-members who are considering joining and to help current and former members transition out of the cult.

Over the years a number of people have left Krishna cults and detailed their experiences (Steven J. Gelberg, Nori Muster, Willem Vanderberg) and there are a number of people contributing to the conversation about Krishna cults on various blogs and youtube channels.

Krishna Cult Awareness Foundation seeks to facilitate the evolution and the anti-Krishna cult movement by being a comprehensive resource for those, whether individuals or members of institutions) looking to know more about Krishna cults and how they function. And an online community (Like the Facebook page!!!) for those that have been a part of and left Krishna cults.

As of now (December 27th, 2015) there’s not a lot of content up. But come back and visit regularly, or just like the facebook page to make sure you don’t miss all the super awesome cool stuff that is going to be posted.

If you’d like to get involved in the project in any way email Gaura at


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