Karma, Reincarnation, and the Problem of Evil

By: gaurarader

A video looking at an important aspect of the krishna cult philosophy: karma and reincarnation. The obvious argument against belief in God is the existence of suffering or evil. According to krishna cult philosophy karma and reincarnation is supposed to be an explanation for the suffering we see around us and show how it is that an all-loving God could create the world we live in. But this line of reasoning misses an important point! Check the video out to find out what it is.

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  • Sebastiaan:

    The way you explain things is very unprofessional. Why did you put your website Gaurarader.com offline?
    There is a response to your arguments: https://sites.google.com/view/gaurarader

    You do not respond.
    Your agenda is spreading atheism and advice people to “enjoy life”. Look at the current world situation now. Is it an enjoyable life?
    For every action, there is a reaction. And this process is there in different sizes. In current life but also in next lives as well.

    You may have lived a “good” life (meaning you where a nice person to all, payed all taxes, bills, you help elders etc) yet still you can be made to suffer!
    Because in previous lives you did those things (which make you suffer now) to others.

    This is the justice system of God. It is not even run Him but by His agents, the demi-gods, like Durga and Shiva who them selves let the Graha and Naksatra deities (what western people call planets and stars) actually administer the results of karma’s to all living entities.

    This is an intelligence higher then our tiny brains can comprehend. Atheists and Impersonalists have absolutely NO counterargument for this!

    I just love it and at the same time pray to the Lord so that He may show you all the right path.

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